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Arnion Photo

Line Up

Pedro Neto (V)
Rinaldo Macedo (G)
Leonardo Araújo (B)
Rogério Paulo (D)

Origin: Brasil
Label: Retroactive Records (Original self-released)
Style: Thrash Metal


"Refuge" was released in 2006 as a selfmade E.P., including 6-tracks and an intro. Retroactive Records signed later ARNION and released in 2009 their debut album "Fall Like Rain". It comes as an expanded edition, including the "Refuge" songs. New and older fans who don't get a copy of the original E.P., having again the chance to listen and enjoying to the first steps of these brasilian thrashheads.


New Album:

Pic: E.P. 2006
Refuge E.P.
Street Date: 2006

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Top review results 78/100

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