Bloodline Severed

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Line Up

Corey Weaver (V)
Derek Corzine (G,V)
Aaron Macemore (G)
David Whichard (B,V)
John Snyder (D)
Amy Lynn Corzine (Fem. V)

Origin: North Carolina/USA
Label: Bombworks Records
Style: Melodic Death/Metalcore


Face melting progressive modern metal is the modus operandi of BLOODLINE SEVERED. Coming to us from North Carolina, BLOODLINE SEVERED has been percolating in the Southeast underground metal scene for nearly 5 years, playing shows nearly every weekend for a rabid fan base. Pulling together various musical nuances, the band melds crushing guitar riffs, bombastic drumming, slick technical guitar solos, brutal death- and black-influenced vocals, big powerful choruses, and catchy melodies and hooks that stick with the listener long after the song is done. Each song has it's own unique feel while remaining cohesive with the rest of the tracks on the CD. The album itself is a concept album exploring a journey of light and darkness and finding hope amidst despair. The songs possess a progressive feel, with various time signatures and complex structure, while still remaining extremely accessible and maintaining a modern edge that is relevant for today's metal scene.

Originally released by the band as a professional CD-R release for touring purposes prior to signing with Bombworks Records, the CD has been completely remixed, remastered, and given an artwork overhaul in the form of an 8-panel deluxe foldout digipak. Drawing influences from bands such as MESHUGGAH, ATH THE GATES, IN FLAMES, DEMON HUNTER and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, BLOODLINE SEVERED is for fans of metal that is heavy, crunchy, technical, intelligent, and in your face. Prepare to be blown away by the metallic force that is BLOODLINE SEVERED!

Bloodline Severed is one of those scarce bands that you cannot label. Great! I haven't heard so much diversity done in a good way in a very, very long time. I think that Bloodline Severed will appeal to many, I also think that this became a personal favorite on instant. I also think that you should just pick up this disc. Because I could go on for ages, but damn this is a good CD!
Perry Rodenrijs/

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Visions Revealed
Street Date: 04/28/2009

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Austria: Rebeat
Belgium: Bertus
Denmark: Target Distr.
Finland: Firebox
France: Season Of Mist
Germany: Twilight
Italy: Andromeda Distribuzioni
Italy: Masterpiece Distribution
Japan: Disk Union
Luxembourg: Bertus
Netherland: Bertus
Norway: VME
Poland: Agonia Records
Slovakia: Metal Age Productions
Sweden: Border
Switzerland: Non Stop Music
UK: Plastic Head
USA: Century Media Distro
International: H'Art Music Vertrieb

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