Crash Street Kids

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Crash Street Kids Photo

Line Up

Ryan McKay (V,G)
Ricky Serrano (G,V)
Ryan Gregory (B)
A.D. Adams (D,V)

Origin: California/USA
Label: Zero Music Group
Style: Glam-/Sleaze Rock


California's CRASH STREET KIDS are reaching out for the stars of Glam Rock Heaven. Inspired by the big names of 70s Glam scene "Transatlantic Suicide" literally foams over of retro flair und glam attitude without sounding stale. Along with the CD there is a Live DVD revealing what a CSK live performance is all about.


New Album

Pic: Album 2008
Transatlantic Suicide
Street Date: 04/10/2009

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Top review results 9.5/10 pts.

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