Darkness Before Dawn

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Line Up

Logan Kavanaugh (V)
Gabe Santillan (G)
D.J. Foley (B)
T.J. Denny (K)
Matt Lopez (D)

Origin: Arizona/USA
Label: Bombworks Records
Style: Black/Death Metal
MySpace: myspace.com/darknessbeforedawn


Modern edged black / death anthems melt your face off on the debut from DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN. Hailing from Glendale, Arizona, DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN is no stranger to the extreme underground, being a consistent force in the Southwest US for several years. The band released a 5-song EP in 2007 that had an epic metalcore sound, borrowing heavily from death and symphonic black metal. They followed that up with a 3-song demo that firmly rooted the band in the throes of modern death / black, and it was this demo that led to the signing with Bombworks Records. DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN's debut full length takes cues from symphonic black metal, death metal and prog while retaining a modern edge, incorporating death growls and black shrieks, blazing guitar leads, bombastic drumming and bass work, and keyboards to provide atmosphere throughout. The result is a powerful wall of sound complete with pounding aggression and killer melodies and hooks that the listener will remember long after the song is over. The live show is a treat as well, as the band exudes infectious musical energy, and frontman Logan is a beast who can work a crowd like few frontmen can. "King's To You" was recorded in the legendary Lambesis Studios in southern California, guaranteeing an aural experience that will totally annihilate the listerner's auditory functions. Fans of DETHKLOK, BEHEMOTH, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, IN FLAMES and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER will all find something to love here, as well as any self respecting fan of melodic death metal, black metal, or extreme metal in general. Prepare to meet your maker and face checkmate as you experience the crushing force that is DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN!


New Album

Pic: Album 2009
King's To You
Street Date: 09/22/2009

Sales sheet

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Austria: Rebeat
Belgium: Bertus
Denmark: Target Distr.
Finland: Firebox
France: Season Of Mist
Germany: Twilight
Italy: Andromeda Distribuzioni
Italy: Masterpiece Distribution
Japan: Disk Union
Luxembourg: Bertus
Netherland: Bertus
Norway: VME
Poland: Agonia Records
Slovakia: Metal Age Productions
Sweden: Border
Switzerland: Non Stop Music
UK: Plastic Head
USA: Century Media Distro
International: H'Art Music Vertrieb

Top review results

MetalToInfinity: 85/100 pts.
MetalCentre.pl: 8/10 pts.
The-Pit.de: 8/10 pts.
PowerOfMetal.dk: 79/100 pts.
Metal-Sound.net: 7.5/10 pts.
LordsOfMetal.nl: 73/100 pts.
Helldriver-Magazine.de: 5/7 pts.
Metalnews.de: 5/7 pts.
Outburn Magazine: 7/10 pts.
MusikAnSich.de: 14/20 pts.

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