War Agenda

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Line Up

Marsel (V)
Ingo (G)
Nils (G)
Joe (B)
Hamdi (D)

Origin: Mannheim/Heidelberg (Germany)
Label: MDD Records (Alive)
Style: Thrash Metal
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Founded in May 2012, the German thrashers WAR AGENDA have already bagged a year later with their 3-track demo entirely positive resonances and earned scene wide recognition.

Without riding the retro wave, the band looks still influenced by old school Bay Area Thrash Metal. Externally, the quintet is therefore also often settled between Slayer and Exodus. The band itself takes such comparisons although good note, but insists on the recognition of their own sound. They aim to make fastidious riffing possible catchy and straightforward - without to forgo sophisticated songwriting.

It seems the South Germans doing this job at their full length debut "Night Of Disaster" quite successful. The classic thrash metal roots guarantees thunderlike riffs, the production in the scene known Kohlekeller Studio guarantees a modern sound and a total of 10 tracks radiate at all tradition an enormous freshness and playfulness.

Or, as it describes the band itself: punchy, right in your face and melodic... oldschool thrash metal with renewed enthusiasm.

Press Feedback

Es gibt Bands, die sind der Ansicht, dass nur Innovationen zählen. Es gibt Bands, die schneiden sich die Haare ab und pissen ihren Fans musikalisch ans Bein. Man muss sich schliesslich verändern...blablabla. Und dann gibt es Bands, die haben Spass an dem, was sie tun, scheissen aber auf Innovationen oder ähnlichen Schnickschnack. Da gibt's ne halbe Stunde "Fresse dick", und gut ist... Den grössten Pluspunkt hätten wir allerdings fast vergessen. Trotz aller Geschwindigkeit, trotz allem Gehacke und Gekeife legen die Burschen ganz grossen Wert auf Melodien, die sich schnell im Ohr festsetzen, und eine grandiose Gitarrenarbeit.
PowerMetal.de / Michael Meyer (8.5/10 pts.)


New Album

Pic: Album 2015
Night Of Disaster
(M.D.D. Records)
Street Date (M/D/Y): 10.09.2015


1. Shot To Pieces
2. Geocide
3. The Wait
4. Sentenced
5. Night Of Disaster
6. Time Heals Nothing
7. Mosh
8. Destiny Of A Mad Man
9. Gone But Not
10. Axis Of Evil

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