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Line Up

Darzacq Rodriguez (V)
Gun Hunter (G)
Raistlin (G)
Quorth (B,V)
Ramirez (K)
Chris (D)

Origin: Darmstadt/Germany
Label: Self-Release
Style: Melodic Black Metal
Homepage: fenfire.de
Facebook: facebook.com/FenfireMusic
YouTube: youtube.com/FenfireOfficial
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/fenfireofficial


FENFIRE were founded in summer '98 by four widely varying persona, each with a unique approach towards musical influences ranging from extreme to classic metal/rock. Still, in musical terms FENFIRE have their roots in Melodic Black Metal. As time went by their songs became ever more sophisticated, incorporating elements from Rock, Epic, Death as well as Thrash Metal.

After several line-up changes the band now consists of Darzaag (Vocals), Raistlin (Guitar), Gun Hunter (Guitar), Ramirez (Keys), Jandalf (Bass), Raziel (Drums). Due to many successful gigs in their Hessian home region and their imaginative stage presence, FENFIRE soon became a well known and highly regarded factor in their local metal scene. Not ones to rest easy on their laurels, this was followed by gigs all over Germany and Switzerland.

In 2001 FENFIRE released their first Mini CD "Bitter Wine" followed in 2003 by the "Split E.P." in cooperation with the band HAGATYR (R.I.P.). FENFIRE also released a few tracks on a number of samplers.

In 2011, they finally released their first album "Rubikon". It combines grimness and brutality, epic waterfalls of sound and melody. The album was recorded and refined at the famous Kohlekeller Studios (AGATHODAIMON, CREMATORY, POWERWOLF). "Rubicon" was widely hailed by its listeners. It also received praise from quite a number of reviews, including the German "Metal Hammer" magazine and diverse webzines.

Yet another work is in progress, a new EP and the teaser "I am Russian" is already available on Soundcloud. Stay tuned for IN YOUR FACE METAL!!

Press Feedback

Es ist stets klar, dass die Band die Dynamik und Energie des Black Metal schätzt und in den Vordergrund rückt, und dennoch wird auch die melodische Seite des Sounds gut in Szene gesetzt. Die Stücke bauen auf Dramaturgie und ein wenig Horror-Ambiente und es entwickelt sich oft eine spannende Hookline. Im Fazit ist "Rubikon" ein gutes und gleichzeitig differenziertes Werk des Melodic Black Metal. Man merkt ihm sofort an, dass die beteiligten Künstler bei der Erschaffung ihre jahrelange Erfahrung genutzt und das Album sorgfältig ausgearbeitet haben. "Rubikon" gehört zu den besten Werken, die mir in dem Bereich in der letzten Zeit untergekommen sind und es hat sich seine Wertung redlich verdient.
Django/Stormbringer.at - 4/5 pts.
Die moderne Ausrichtung von FENFIRE basiert auf klassischer Metalhärte und schielt zum Gothic und anderen Spielarten der Neuzeit. Ihre Black Metal Wurzeln, wie sie im Jahre 2001 mit der EP "Bitter Wine" begannen, sind noch immer präsent, was nicht nur daran liegt, dass ihr hohes Tempo gerne mit Doublebass gespielt wird. Diese acht Songs der Hessen aus Darmstadt sind die richtige kühle Entspanntheit, um in der Sonne zu chillen.
Joxe Schäfer/Crossfire-Metal.de - 7/10 pts.
Starker Black Metal aus deutschen Landen: FENFIRE bieten Extremmucke mit Hirn. Die Songs der Combo aus Darmstadt sind allesamt sauber arrangiert und ebenso eingespielt worden. Besonders interessant wird es dann, wenn die ganze Angelegenheit einen sakralen Charakter erhält; dieser Eindruck entsteht dadurch, daß das Keyboard in diesen Momenten fast nach einer Kirchenorgel klingt. Alles in allem sind FENFIRE auf alle Fälle ein Newcomer, den Freunde des extremen Metals auf dem Plan haben sollten.
Stefan Glas/Underground-Empire.com
Well, FENFIRE succeeded in surprising me from the very first track on "Rubikon". They play very atmospherically Death Metal with influences from CHILDREN OF BODOM and even DISSECTION. There is a lot of interaction between the keyboard of Ramirez and the rhythm section of the band. And the vocals of Darzacq Rodriguez fit like a glove to the arrangements! The whole album is pretty brutal but luckily, they didn’t lose the variety out of sight. The songs on this album have so much to offer that you will be as surprised as I am. "Kingdom Of My Desire" and "Grenzgänger" can be considered as the highlights of this album, and fans of DIMMU BORGIR and CHILDREN OF BODOM need to get hold on this release.
Sloof/MetalToInfinity.be - 81/100 pts.
This album rips open with organs that remind me of KING DIAMOND's first album after leaving MERCYFUL FATE "Fatal Portrait" mixed in with a heavy production similar to CHILDREN OF BODOM. Thrashing with symphonic and blackened death riffs, which also harken back to bands like DISSECTION? The twin guitar harmonies accompanied by the keyboards are really something any fan of CHILDREN OF BODOM will like but at the same time if you ever felt like the keyboards in BODOM's music was overbearing at all, it is not here. It is done with just enough atmospheres to make this album sound like what DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH would have sounded like in the early years if they would have had better studio production.
Zach/MetalDevastationRadio.com - 7/10 pts.


New Release

Pic: Album 2012
Street Date: 2012

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Top review results

MetalToInfinity.be: 81/100 pts.
Stormbringer.at: 4/5 pts.
Crossfire-Metal.de: 7/10 pts.
BurnYourEars.de: 7/10 pts.
MetalDevastationRadio.com: 7/10 pts.
Obliveon.de: 7/10 pts.
MetalHammer.it: 6.5/10 pts.

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