Grave Forsaken

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Grave Forsaken Photo

Line Up

Tim Steadman (V)
Elian Salmela (G,V)
Vaughan Gregory (G,V)
Matt Skipworth (B,V)
Dave Kilgallon (D)

Origin: Australia
Label: Soundmass
Style: Thrash Metal


Soundmass is pleased to be releasing the third Grave Forsaken album, "This Day Forth", on May 22, 2009. Formed in Western Australia in 2004, this rising thrash band has been polishing their skills with regular recording and live performances, never forgetting their roots with strong influences from the classic metal era. Following on the heals of the "Grave Forsaken" E.P. (2005), "Beside The River Of Blood" (2006) and "Destined For Ascension" (2008), "This Day Forth" sees the band sharper than ever in 2009. Thrash metal at heart, Grave Forsaken also ventures into death and doom territory. Recommended for fans of MEGADETH, TOURNIQUET and SLAYER.


New Album

Pic: Album 2009
This Day Forth
Street Date: 05/22/2009


1. No News... Ain't Good News
2. Mother Of Harlots
3. This Day Forth
4. Celebrity Judge And The Sinnerst Pt. III
5. Wasting Power
6. Death Undone
7. Holy Blood
8. Affluenza

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