Grave Robber

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Origin: Michigan/USA
Label: Retroactive Records
Style: Horror Punk'n Roll


GRAVE ROBBER is one of those bands that understands how to captivate! Whether they are wearing GWAR-like costumes in concert, dousing their fans with fake blood or running around with chainsaws, their music cuts to the heart of life and death! Their tunes are instantly sing-able, filled with insanely catchy harmonies, and mostly played at blazing speeds. But they go a step further and captivate with intelligent lyrics - all wrapped in their devotion and love for all things HORROR! Yet, there's more to GRAVE ROBBER than masks and horror, and fans that take time to unpack that mistique are in for quite a surprise!

Wretched (vokills) and company (Lamentor, Carcass, & Plague) are back with the band's sophomore full length, on which the band spikes their punk with a much more muscular and metallic edge! Every song is a hit, with the manic "I'm Possessed", melodic rock classic "The Night Has Eyes", rock-a-billy influenced "Tell Take Hearts" and the dark, sinister metal of "Valley Of Dry Bones", the band shockingly pulls off morbidly funny and real-life relevant! Horror punk metal got its start with the Misfits, but with "Inner Sanctum", GRAVE ROBBER offers much, much more!


New Album

Pic: Album 2009
Inner Sanctum
Street Date: 10/13/2009

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