Holy Blood

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Origin: Australia
Label: Soundmass
Style: (Un-) Black Metal, Doom, Dark Metal
MySpace: myspace.com/synnovemetal

SYNNOVE was formed in 2002 by guitarist/vocalist Brad (ex-VIRGIN BLACK), along with bassist/vocalist Stephanie. SYNNOVE began performing live with a new drummer, Steve, in 2005, and soon guitarist Connor completed the line-up. In late 2007, SYNNOVE went into the studio to record their first full-length album for Soundmass, a 50 minute epic titled "The Whore and the Bride". This album moves away from the gothic influences of their 2004 EP to a more aggressive twin-guitar black metal sound, with plenty of melodic doses of doom and death along the way. "The Whore and the Bride" is a musical dialogue between brutality and beauty, dissonance and harmony, groove and chaos.

New Album

Pic: Album 2008
The Patriot
Street Date: 2008


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Finland: Firebox
France: La Baleine
Germany: Twilight
Italy: Andromeda Distribuzioni
Italy: Masterpiece Distribution
Japan: Disk Union
Luxembourg: Bertus
Netherland: Bertus
Norway: Indie
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