Immortal Souls

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Line Up

Aki Särkioja (V,B)
Esa Särkioja (G)
Marko Pekkarinen (G)
Juha Kronqvist(D)

Origin: Finland
Label: Dark Balance
Style: Melodic Death Metal
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Videoclip: "Nuclear Winter"


"Talvi Metal" will the Finnish metal head say... or, in English, "Winter Metal". Born back in 1991, brothers in arms A. Sarkioja and E. Sarkioja started a band that isn't only founded on a cold place up north in Finland. No, the band embraced coldness to adapt it into their lyrics, art work and arranged over the years a new death metal sound that simply sounds like a touch of frost. Words of A. Sarkioja: "I would describe our music as fast paced and highly melodic; like a winter wind at a beautiful frost morning, heavy and aggressive; as fierce as winter can be. This is Winter metal..."

October 2011 IMMORTAL SOULS will return with their 4th full length that will carry the title "IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death". Like their third album Wintereich (2007, Dark Balance) this album will come also as a story in chapters.

IMMORTAL SOULS did take their song writing to a higher level again in the last years. Said that, what about the instrumental progression of Immortal Souls? Listening to "IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death" you will notice the band did add more variation in the album if compared with their previous releases!

IMMORTAL SOULS toured so far three times over Europe and played Tuska Festival in Finland. End of October until half November 2011 IMMORTAL SOULS will join forces with BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE (USA, Solid State) to tour over Europe for 17 days. Shows guaranteed so far in Germany, Switzerland, Czech, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. Be prepared…


New Album

Pic: Album 2011
IV: The Requiem For The Art Of Death
Street Date: 10/07/2011 (D/CH/A), 10/10/2011 World


1. Art Of Death, Act I: Soulbells
2. Evil Believer
3. Nuclear Winter
4. I Wept
5. Absolution
6. Art Of Death, Act II: The Last Journey
7. Reek Of Rotting Rye
8. Last Day On Earth
9. Hypnotic Atrocity
10. Thoughts Of Desolation
11. One Last Withering Rose
12. Art Of Death, Act III: The Requiem Of The Funeral Eve

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Austria: New Music Distribution
Germany: New Music Distribution
Switzerland: Non Stop Music

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Radio Overdrive (B):
Evil Believer x5
Hypnotic Atrocity x1
Last Day On Earth x2
Nuclear Winter x1

On De Choc (B):
Hypnotic Atrocity x1

Devil&Apos;s Kitchen Radio (GER):
Nuclear Winter x1

Hart & Unabhängig (GER):
Evil Believer x1
I Wept x1
Last Day On Earth x1
One Last Withering Rose x1
Reek Of Rotting Rye x4
The Last Journey x1
Thoughts Of Desolation x1

Hartwurst Massaker (GER):
Nuclear Winter x1

Metal Cry (GER):
Evil Believer x1

Radio HRS (GER):
Nuclear Winter x1

Radio Powerplant (GER):
Evil Believer x1

Rockwerk (GER):
Absolution x1

Metal X (CH):
Thoughts Of Desolation x1

Fan Metal Show (E):