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Origin: Texas/USA
Label: Retroactive Records
Style: Hard Rock


MAIN LINE RIDERS return with their second full length recording since their debut in 2007. This time around the band returns with a new attitude, a new vocalist and a new sound. With the electrifying opening notes of "It All Ends Tonite", you'll think that Bon Scott surely must have been resurrected and is now singing for Cliffy and his MAIN LINE RIDERS. Unashamedly, "Worldshaker" is earnestly beholden to hard rock godfathers (Bon-era) AC/DC. The first three cuts, along with "Rhythm-N-Blues" could easily have been some lost AC/DC tracks! The album has everything classic rock requires. There are songs about rock-n-roll, slow sleazy blues, high-voltage boogie and the MONSTER RIFFS of Cliffy! So big and bold are these riffs that they bruise the listener upon contact! It's those catchy, infectious riffs -- that make your spine tingle and give the music it's backbone! "Worldshaker" definitely delivers some "High Voltage" by a band that steals from all the right places, rocks non-ironically -- even epically at times -- and sounds great blasting out of a car or on headphones!


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Pic: Album 2009
Street Date: 04/28/2009

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