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Thornwill Photo

Line Up

Álmos Gábor (V)
Márton Szabó (G)
Krisztián Ágoston(G)
Tamás Paróczi (B)
András Balázs (D)

Origin: Hungary
Label: Unsigned
Style: Classic/Power Metal
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THORNWILL is a Hungarian modern Heavy/Power Metal band with many different aspects including some progressive elements. In the year 2010 the band released its first album called "Implosion". The Hungarian media responded quite quickly, lot of positive feedback arrived, articles and reviews pointed out that THORNWILL is capable of much more than to be a local band. THORNWILL played at the Hungarian Metalfest as a first presentation of the album, and won the second prize of the competition to play as support band for a well known musician later. Now THORNWILL is on tour with some other Hungarian bands.

"Implosion" contains thirteen tracks. Almost each song has emotional content, with very deep feelings behind. The musicians usually like Savatage, Dream Theater, Rage, Nevermore, Pantera, Metallica from the old days, so the music bears the marks of those performers, but it is also very different. The album is free to download from the bands homepage, or it is available on many different community sites. "Implosion" is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license, so anybody can present, play, or use the music, if the original artist is noted. Check out the homepage for details. THORNWILL is just about to release a video clip for the song "Civilized Ways" and another video clip is under construction for "Noah's Ark".

Press Feedback


New Album

Pic: Album 2010
Street Date: 2010


1. Civilized Ways
2. Sacred Lies
3. Implosion
4. Midnight Hunger
5. The Prophecy Fulfilled
6. Don't Let Me Go
7. Imaginary Fiction
8. Behind The Behavior
9. Far Away From Home
10. Subconscious Battle
11. Road Movie
12. Noah's Ark
13. Before I Die

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Top review results 9/10 pts.
Metal To Infinity: 81/100 pts. 8/10 pts. 8/10 pts. 6/7 pts. 77/100 pts. 7.5/10 pts. 7.5/10 pts. 75/100 pts. 3.5/5 pts. 7/10 pts. 14/20 pts. 68/100 pts. 6.5/10 pts. 6.5/10 pts.

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Dangerzone (B):
Sacred Lies

Overdrive (B):
Sacred Lies

Onde De Choc (B):
Implosion (x3)

Metal Zone (FR):
Sacred Lies

Reve de Fer (FR):
Rotation: 11 weeks

Devil' Kitchen (GER):

Hard Radio Show (GER):
Civilzed Ways

Hart & Unabhängig (GER):
Noah's Ark
Road Movie

Powerplant (GER):
The Prophecy Fulfilled

Metalomania (POR):
Civilized Ways (x2)
Implosion (x2)
Sacred Lies

City Of Dreams (ESP):
Civilized Ways
Noah's Ark

Noise Hour (ESP):
Don't Let Me Go
Midnight Hunger

Metal X (SUI):
Noah's Ark


Unverschämt (D)