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Ultimatum Photo

Line Up:
Scott Waters (V)
Robert Gutierrez (G)
Rob Whitlock (B)
Alan Tuma (D)

Origin: USA
Label: Retroactive Records
Style: Thrash Metal
Homepage: www.ultimatum.net
MySpace: myspace.com/ultimatummetal


ULTIMATUM are back, back "Into The Pit", back after 6 years of absence. With "Into The Pit" the US Thrash/Speed Metal veterans once again have unleashed a pure metal fury, following their idols EXODUS, TOURNIQUET, VENGEANCE RISING, MEGADETH, OVERKILL and FORBIDDEN. They definitely have matured over the years and are now displaying themselves as a tight and perfect working old school Heavy Metal machine. Watch our... this stuff is dangerously Heavy !

Simply put, the masters of Thrash Metal are back! Into The Pit qualifies as the juggernaut of North American Metal. This is great news for fans, since this is the first new offering from ULTIMATUM in 6 long years! With "Into The Pit", the band has unleashed one of Thrash Metal's most shining moments, following the footsteps of EXODUS, TOURNIQUET, VENGEANCE RISING, MEGADETH, OVERKILL and FORBIDDEN. With it's thundering bass, fast drumming and a wealth of Mastedonian riffery, the boys have clearly learned from their elders and learned well. Guitarist, Robert Gutierrez fills every track with fiery, blowtorch riffs and scorching solos. Vocalist, Scott Waters fas exceeds his commendable efforts on previous albums, sounding every bit as brilliant as thrash legend, Roger Martinez (VENGEANCE RISING), while never forsaking his classic ULTIMATUM vocal style. It's rare to find a band able to pregoress and mature in their craft so much without changing their sound. If you like your metal fast, heavy, neck snapping, bone crushing and totally old school then "Into The Pit" is your "stranded on a deserted island" disc. Careful though... this stuff is dangerously heavy!



Pic: Album 2007
Into The Pit
Street Date: 02/29/2008

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Austria: Rebeat
Belgium: Bertus
Denmark: Target Distr.
Finland: Firebox
France: Season Of Mist
Germany: Twilight
Italy: Andromeda Distribuzioni
Italy: Masterpiece Distribution
Japan: Disk Union
Luxembourg: Bertus
Netherland: Bertus
Norway: VME
Poland: Agonia Records
Slovakia: Metal Age Productions
Sweden: Border
Switzerland: Non Stop Music
UK: Plastic Head
USA: Century Media Distro
International: H'Art Music Vertrieb

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