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Vanish Photo

Line Up

Bastian Rose (V,K)
Tommy Rösch (G)
Phillip Schönle (G)
Daniele Dei Giudici (B)
Ralf Nopper (D)

Origin: Stuttgart/Germany
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Traditional Metal with modern and prog elements


Traditional metal meets modern synth sounds and progressive elements - with this combination VANISH proves that classic elements and modern metal elements can co-exist. VANISH is a band that can look back on more than 14 years of live, studio and songwriting experience and that puts a lot of passion, effort and creativity into their music.

The band's current line-up, consisting of Bastian Rose (V,K), Tommy Rösch (G), Philipp Schönle (G), Daniele Dei Giudici (B) and Ralf Nopper (D), exists more than a decade. In the past few years, VANISH has rocked numerous clubs and festivals and supported bands such as Queensryche, Brainstorm, Mystic Prophecy, Axxis, Freedom Call and Kissin' Dynamite.

VANISH's upcoming album "Come To Wither" was released in autumn 2014 via Massacre Records. VANISH captivates the audience at every show and recruits new fans with their powerful and authentic performance – those who have seen VANISH, definitely want to see them again. Gripping, innovative compositions, outstanding vocals, diversified but still very recognizable. VANISH has something to offer for every metal head.

Press Feedback

Der Rauskicker "The Grand Design" hätte hingegen selbst noch ein Savatage Album aufgewertet, und schliesst damit ein uneingeschränkt empfehlenswertes Machwerk würdig ab.
Markus Peters/ - 8.5/10 pts.
VANISH übertreiben es nicht mit den vertrackten Parts, man muss sich allerdings schon einige Durchläufe gestatten. Tief gestimmte Gitarren werden flankiert von düsteren Keyboardsounds und über allem thront eine der besten Stimmen im nationalen Metalzirkus. Die Produktion ist recht modern gehalten und wer auf Bands wie SYMPHONY X, EVERGREY, THRESHOLD oder DREAM THEATER steht, wird hier nicht enttäuscht.
Ralf/ - 8/10 pts.


New Release

Pic: Album 2014
Come To Wither
Street Date: 24th October 2014

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01. Come To Wither
02. Great Collapse
03. Bless The Buried Child
04. Renewal
05. This Is How We Die
06. Curtain Call
07. Silence
08. Hollow
09. Hope Shall Rise
10. Reboot
11. The Grand Design

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